We Are Constantly Innovating

As our company President, Maria Zhang, puts it “We must not only constantly innovate our business model but also our value chain to maintain our competitive advantage in the marketplace.”  Under our leadership’s vision, our company is committed to constantly enhancing existing products and services and developing new offerings.

We have a quota to release at least four new products every year, preferably once per quarter, so come back to stay informed with our new product releases.

Shackle Pulley

Made from carbon steel.

This product can be used for connecting, rotating, and sliding purposes. It has a wide range of use including Marine, Utility, Sports & Outdoor, Cargo Lifting, and more.


Chain Block

This chain block has a 30" chain connected to the swivel shackle of the snatch block.

The assembly is used to change the direction of winch lines.

Subject to a one-year warranty!



The bow shackle is made from ultra-high tensile strength steel with a Working Load Limit of 4-3/4 tons (10,500 lbs).


It is desinged to take loads from multiple directions without developing unsafe side loading!


Stainless Steel

Swivel Eye Hook

The swivel eye hook features a removable safety latch and is load rated, making it ideal for industrial and marine applications.

Subject to a 1-year warranty!



We are excited to introduce our G215 round pin shackles! They are quenched and tempered, with alloy pins.  Each shackle is embossed with the Working Load Limit, size, our logo and name, which means they are subject to a 1-year warranty!




Meet our new black binders! 

100% forged alloy steel, including the barrel and hooks. Products are embossed with the Working Load Limit and manufacturer seal ‘TW PRODUCTS’ for an extended one-year product warranty!



Carabiner keychains inspired by our regular snap hooks. We re-engineered our heavier snap hooks through material modification and made them lightweight yet heavy-duty products for your everyday use!


Being the manufacturer of various forged rigging hardware products including hooks, links, rings, and blocks/pullies, we can assemble any chain assembly to meet nearly any application. 


Read our flyer attached for more info!