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TW Turnbuckles

Turnbuckles are used for connecting two stationary objects and creating/releasing tension by rotating the frame, causing the bolts to be pulled inward or outward simultaneously.  Here at TW, we manufacture and offer all key types of turnbuckles, including eye & eye, eye & hook, hook & hook, jaw & jaw, and jaw & eye styles.

All of our turnbuckles are also made to conform to U.S. Federal Specification FF-T-791B. In addition to the drop forged, hot-dip galvanized turnbuckles, we also offer a variety of stainless steel turnbuckles which are made of type 316 marine grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel. 

Hook & Hook
Eye & Eye
Jaw & Eye
Jaw & Jaw
Hook & Eye
hook and hook.png

Also available in stainless steel

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