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TW Chain

It's important to note that every grade of chain has different uses and applications. Chain can generally be separated into three main categories: overhead lifting chain, transport chain, and other welded industrial chain types.  Grade 80 chain, grade 100 chain, and grade 120 chain is approved for overhead lifting. G70 transport chain is for use as load securement and tie-down applications. G43 and G30 chain is for tie-down applications often used in the construction, trucking, and agriculture industries.

At TW, we offer a wide variety of chain,                      if you have any questions or concerns.                      

Straight Link Coil Chain
Proof Coil Chain
High Test Chain
 Custom Chain Assembly Capability

Being the manufacturer for various forged rigging hardware products including hooks, links, rings, and blocks/pullies, we can assemble any chain assemblies to meet different applications. 

Below are some examples of work we have done for our customers, if you don't see what you are looking for, make sure to 

G7 Tie Down Chain Assembly
tiedown chainsfir flatbed.jpg
G7 Car Carrier V-Chain Assembly
car carrier V-chain.png
G7 Tow/Safety Chain Assembly
Snatch Blocks with Hook
snatch block with chain and clevis grab
G8 V-Chain Recovery Assembly 
Recovery Chain.png
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