TW Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are typically used to protect the eyes of cable and rope slings from abrasion by providing a solid steel barrier between the fragile cable strands and the other rigging fitting used in the connection. Wire rope thimbles also prevent eye deformation or kinking by giving structure to the cable eye. 

Here at TW, we offer a variety of wire rope thimbles including standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, tube thimbles, tube thimbles with gussets, and many EU styles of thimbles.  If you want to to learn about thimbles or have any questions,  contact us.

Standard/Light Duty Thimble
regular thimble.png
DIN6899A Thimble
Heavy-Duty Thimble
HD thimbles.png
DIN6899B Thimble
Extra Heavy-Duty Thimble
BS464 Thimble
Thimble with Gusset




This Heavy-Duty Gusseted Tube Thimble is a perfect addition to increase the integrity of your winch line. This tube thimble is made out of carbon steel, powder-coated black, and gusseted for additional strength.